Glossop Knotweed Map -2014

Japanese knotweed has infested almost every waterway in Glossop. This is very bad news for the rest of the Mersey Basin, because attempts to eradicate it further downstream cannot succeed until the plant has been cleared from the upper reaches. Somehow Japanese knotweed has become established near the top of every major waterway in east Glossop, and from there it has infected the whole of Glossop Brook, Dinting Vale and everywhere beyond as far as Liverpool. Glossop Knotweed Watch are determined to take the first steps towards clearing Glossop's waterways of this noxious and highly destructive weed, but we need your help!


Glossop Knotweed Watch is asking Glossop to help us map knotweed infections anywhere in the area.

Knotweed is easy to recognise after you have seen it in full growth. You can see knotweed in the middle of Glossop on High Street West, on the bridge opposite Shrewsbury street looking towards Sandhole. Near Manor Park you can see it growing on the riverbank at Corn Street. In Old Glossop you can see it all over Hope Street.

If you know areas infected with knotweed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and send a picture if possible. We will use the information received to make a map of knotweed distribution in Glossop and alert local landowners to the situation.

Ideally, areas infected with knotweed should be clearly marked to warn people not to walk through it, or let pets move through it. Doing anything that will spread knotweed is a criminal offence and you should alert the police to such activity by calling 101.