Examples of Knotweed Distribution in Glossop - Blackshaw Clough

Case Study 2. Blackshaw Clough
Blackshaw Clough flows through the Roughtown area of Old Glossop, down Hope Street and into Manor Park. It joins Hurst Brook to form Glossop Brook under Shirebrook Drive near High Street East. Glossop Knotweed Watch found extensive infections of Japanese knotweed as high as Swineshaw Reservoir, but it might go higher. Further downstream areas of Hope Street are so blocked with knotweed that it forms an impenetrable forest. Just walking into this area would result in a criminal offence of intentionally spreading knotweed! The infestation continues through Manor Park, the allotments off Corn Street and beyond.

Conclusion: There is no point treating knotweed anywhere on Blackshaw Clough until the huge infection at Swineshaw Reservoir, and any infections higher upstream are tackled.

Action: Inform all residents and stakeholders along Hurst Brook floodplain of the situation, and ask them to help eradicate and monitor the plant. Investigate how knotweed came to infect the upper reaches of Blackshaw Clough.