Examples of Knotweed Distribution in Glossop - Hurst Brook

Case Study: 1. Hurst Brook.

Hurst Brook flows off the moors through the golf club and then down a poorly defined set of gardens and neglected areas between Sheffield Road and Shirebrook Park until it meets Blackshaw Clough near Corn Mill and becomes Glossop Brook.



Glossop Knotweed watch found only one large clump of knotweed between Hurst Road and Glossop Brook. However this clump is near the top of the stream and threatens to infect all the gardens and undefined areas from the top of Sheffield Road to the junction of Shirebrook and High Street East. There is also knotweed away from the river, most prominently near Shirebrook Drive off Sheffield Road.


Conclusion: If the large clump of knotweed behind the mill was removed, Hurst Brook might be completely free of knotweed!


Action: Inform all residents and stakeholders along Hurst Brook floodplain of the situation, and ask them to help eradicate and monitor the plant.