Knotweed in Glossop - The Situation


Like many towns, Glossop has a serious knotweed problem. All waterways support the plant and it grows in many gardens and developed areas. People with knotweed on their property face the potential of severe financial repercussions. Unlike most towns, Glossop is surrounded by moorland on three sides, and all our waterways come off these moors. Knotweed does not grow on the moors and so upstream of Glossop is knotweed free. Downstream of Glossop is obviously not knotweed free, and never can be until upper waterways are clear. Glossop Knotweed Watch believe that it is possible to entirely eradicate not only knotweed, but maybe also Himalayan Balsam and giant hogweed from Glossop’s waterways, protecting ourselves and everybody who shares the river as far as Liverpool from the ecological and financial devastation that these plants bring.



Watercourses are not the only sources of knotweed infection. It also arrives when infected soil is dumped in Glossop, and it is sometimes spread along roads. However the primary source of infection in Glossop is clearly along waterways, and it is unfortunate that many of our streams have knotweed growing on their uppermost reaches. Eradication of knotweed from waterways is therefore the first priority of Glossop Knotweed Watch.